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Hi there! I am Ambikai Sasitharan and I am a recent graduate who has a passionate interest in data analytics, computer science, environmental studies, and biology. I studied for a major in Biology and a minor in Computer Science. I am currently working on web application projects to culture and grow my understanding of the computer science field while studying numerous notable literatures related to statistical analysis and data science mathematics. I am also a self-taught artist, constantly drawing, painting, and discovering new ways to express myself and my interests in things such as mental health, environmental sustainability, and medical malpractice.

Featured Vlog

Viverra turpis pretium

01. Main Camera

RET Monsta 8K II Ultra Vision

02. Main Lens

Eget 70-200mm f/2.8 Sport

03. Camera Gimbal

Ultric Steady Pro Maxx

04. Tripod

Blandit Travel Posuere 2 Go

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